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Health Services

Health Certificate (Medical Exam) Requirements

It is recommended that all students receive an annual medical examination especially in cases where a child is experiencing education problems.  A thorough medical evaluation is always a useful place to begin when attempting to uncover the cause of educational difficulties.

Starting in the 2018-19 academic year, New York State law requires a health examination for all students entering the school district for the first time and for students in grades Pre-K or K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11.  The examination must be completed by a New York State licensed Physician, Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner AND be recorded on the approved NYSED Student Examination Form for School.

All student-athletes must have a valid health certificate on the approved form within one year of the start of the sports season in which they choose to participate.

Click here for the Health Examination Form


Dental Health

A Dental Health Certificate which states that your child has been seen by a dentist or dental hygienist is also requested at the same time that the Health Certificate is required (please see above).  The District can provide you with information regarding dental services on a free or reduced cost basis upon request.

Click here for the Dental Health Certificate


Audio-Visual-Scoliosis Screenings

Besides first aid and physical inspection, the Health Office maintains a record of your child’s height and weight.  Eyesight, hearing and scoliosis screenings are also done according to New York State Guidelines, Education Law, Article 19, Section 905 and the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. These laws provide for certain exemptions from those requirements.

Click here for NYS Guideline Screening Overview


Emergency Contact Procedures

Procedures followed in the event of a child’s injuries are vitally important. In the event of an accident, first aid is administered immediately and every effort is made to contact the family.  If family contact cannot be made, the emergency contact(s) for that child are called.  Please be sure to submit to the Health Office the Medical Emergency Release Form.

Click here for the Medical Emergency Release Form


Student Accident Insurance

The Board of Education provides Student Accident Insurance for all students in grades K-12.  The coverage provides for reimbursement of medical expenses on an EXCESS basis if your child should be injured under the following circumstances

  • While attending regular classes or school sponsored activities
  • While traveling between home and school for these activities


The following forms require a parent signature


The signature and stamp of the child’s health care provider

Click Here for the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan

Click Here for the Asthma Action Plan


Immunization Requirements

New York State Law requires children to be properly immunized in accordance with the American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines. Proof of such immunizations (or proof of scheduled appointments if the child is in the process of receiving a series of immunizations) is required within 14 calendar days of the start of the school year or the child will be excluded from school.

Click here for the 2019-20 New York State immunization Requirements



Click on the following link to access information related to FERPA/HIPPA:



Health Information



Contact Information

Babylon Elementary School

Martha Petrucci, R.N. – (631) 893-7966


Babylon Memorial Grade School

Nina Burke, R.N. – (631) 893-7987


Babylon Junior-Senior High School

Grace McHugh, R.N. – (631) 893-7932

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