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Creating Waves of Their Own

Creating Waves of Their Own photo
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Babylon Junior-Senior High School students enrolled in Claire Reilly’s Virtual Enterprises class recently participated in the Long Island Regional Conference and Exhibition, held at Long Island University, CW Post Campus to engage in a series of mock-business exercises.

The Long Island Regional Conference and Exhibition brings together more than 2,000 students, educators and business leaders on an annual basis, as approximately 90 total student-firms attend and engage in friendly competition to represent the virtual economy. The attending students competed for their booth designs, salesmanship, impact marketing, amongst other areas. 

Babylon’s attending firm, Wave Works, received a gold medal for its website design and a silver medal for its company newsletter. In addition, the student sales people made close to 100 mock sales during the competition. According to Mrs. Reilly, the students were also required to submit a written business plan, as well as present an oral business plan before a team of judges.


The Power of ‘P.A.W.S.’

The Power of ‘P.A.W.S.’ photo
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In coordination with the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports program, staff and students at Babylon Memorial Grade School recently celebrated the beginning of their “P.A.W.S.” program with an introductory assembly. 

The P.A.W.S. program, which stands for Pride, Attitude, Wise Choices and Safety, asks students to put their best foot forward by using good judgment, being proud of themselves on a daily basis and promoting the safety and well-being of both themselves and others. 

By showing their P.A.W.S., the students earn coins for their class, which ultimately leads to one class from each grade level being declared a winner on a monthly basis. Upon declaration of the winners, the students receive the “Principal’s Panther” statue to display in their classrooms, a fun activity to take part in, along with a handful of individual prizes. 

Displaying Strong Business Skills

Displaying Strong Business Skills photo
One hundred Distributive Education Clubs of America members from Babylon Junior-Senior High School competed in the Suffolk County DECA Career Competition earlier this month. 

With assistance from club advisers Claire Reilly and Eddie Storey, the students went up against more than 2,000 students from throughout the county and continued to perform at a high level of excellence. More than 60 Babylon student-competitors placed in events such as Sales Presentation, Hotel & Lodging, Sports Marketing, Retail Merchandising, Automotive Marketing, Finance and Travel and Tourism.

DECA teaches real world business skills to students and helps to build their skill sets, such as public speaking and presentation. The club currently maintains the highest enrollment of all clubs offered at Babylon Junior-Senior High School.

Fitness Fun

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Earlier this month, students at Babylon Memorial Grade School were highly entertained during an educational and physically beneficial presentation of "The bFit Show," as hosted by Brian Richards.
The assembly, which blended elements of magic and comedy, helped educate students about making healthy food choices and the importance of exercise. Mr. Richards reinforced these strategies with a number of audience participation activities, stressing the importance of being fueled, active and creative throughout all of their endeavors.

The students were highly engaged throughout the course of the presentation, and joined one another in rounds of laughter during Mr. Richards’ humorous entertaining and educational show. 

"It made talking about health and fitness fun,” said sixth-grade student Jackson Maurino. “Mr. Richards taught us how different colors of vegetables have different benefits for our bodies."

"I thought the assembly was creative, the workout song he shared was fun, and his magic was funny,” said sixth-grade student Abigail Callahan.

Wilson Tech Presentation - January 14, 2019


Spreading Holiday Joy

Spreading Holiday Joy photo
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In spirit of the holiday season, the Babylon Memorial Grade School Student Council recently participated in their fifth annual toy drive as a means of bringing smiles to the less fortunate children. Due to their efforts, the students were able to collect dozens of unwrapped toys which were donated directly to two children currently being treated at the Good Samaritan Hospital.

Giving Back for the Holidays

Giving Back for the Holidays photo

The Babylon Junior-Senior High School had a lot to celebrate this past holiday season as faculty, staff and students participated in the “Season of Giving” by gathering donations to some of their favorite charity organizations during the month of December.

During the initiative, staff and students collected six large boxes filled with more than 300 toys, which were donated to Toys for Tots; 40 gift bags filled with gloves, hats, earbuds and many other items for teens in group homes and foster care using monetary contributions from the school’s Jingle Walk; and more than 300 cans and nonperishable items through a Rock Can Roll program to support the community’s local food pantries. 

“Our students, staff and community always make us so proud in how they come together this time of year to support others in need,” said Babylon Junior-Senior High School Assistant Principal Jennifer Mangone. 

Additionally, toward the end of December, the students enjoyed the wonderful display of holiday decorations in the senior high school cafeteria. The display was created by the school’s Art Club and Art Honor Society students with the support of teachers Cheryl Schweider and Patricia Stork. Holiday cheer was at an all-time high during the school’s pajama day and pancake breakfast. 

Lessons in Computer Programming

Lessons in Computer Programming photo

In coordination with their STEAM-based lessons, second-grade students from Babylon Elementary School recently furthered their understanding of computer programming as they tried their hands with the wildly popular robots, “Ozobots.”

With assistance from STEAM instructor Emily Moran, the young engineers were instructed to map out a series of lines or codes on a piece paper using specially designed markers which led the pathway for the Ozobots. The students were able to give the Ozobots commands such as “Cruise,” “Nitro Boost” and “Spin,” depending on how they colored in the series of blocks on the pre-written line. Once the sequence was completed, they placed their Ozobots onto the pathway and watched the small robot follow commands and successfully make its way around the track. 

Ozobots are sweeping the nation amongst elementary-level students, as millions of units have been sold to date in an effort to introduce students to computer programming and coding at an early age.

Becoming One with Nature

Becoming One with Nature photo
Kindergarten students at Babylon Elementary School are keeping in touch with nature as they observe and report on their “class tree” during the duration of the 2018-19 academic year. Split between classroom lessons and activities with STEAM instructor Emily Moran, the students are applying their five senses to their tree, as they make informed observations pertaining to sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell. Most recently, the kindergartners used their sense of hearing to observe the many noises heard while visiting their tree, including such sounds as birds.

Helping Those in Need

Helping Those in Need photo
In an effort to raise spirits just in time for the holidays, staff and students from the Babylon Elementary School recently came together to collect healthy food items for less fortunate families. With assistance from school psychologist Patricia Bocchimuzzo, students were able to collect enough food items to fill four large boxes to the brim to benefit the Island Harvest Food Bank. Collected items included dried beans, whole grain pasta, canned fruit and olive oil.

VIDEO: AP Environmental Science


Wrapping up the highlights of the district’s newly implemented Advanced Placement courses, here we’ll get a glimpse into the AP Environmental Science course.

Fundraising for ALS Research

Fundraising for ALS Research photo

In an effort to help those affected by this terrible disease, staff and students from the Babylon Memorial Grade School recently did their part to combat amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, by taking part in their annual “Let’s Put ALS to Sleep” fundraiser.

During the course of the day, staff and students wore fun and festive sets of pajamas, all the while contributing small donations toward funding ALS research. The school is thrilled to report that $450 was successfully raised during this year’s fundraiser. 

"ALS is a debilitating disease that has no known cure,” said Babylon Memorial Grade School Principal Steve Goldberg. “We continue to support Chris Pendergast and the Ride for Life Foundation as we raise funds to ‘Put ALS to Sleep’ with our annual Pajama Day fundraiser, and are proud to fight alongside the ALS Ride for Life Team.”

Additionally, students were thrilled to be able to contribute toward the cause. "It made me feel good to bring in a dollar to help ALS and be comfortable wearing my pajamas in school,” said sixth-grader Caera Larkin.

Babylon Memorial Grade School will continue the fight against ALS this spring as they plan to host a “Walk for A Cure” fundraiser where staff and students are encouraged to make a small donation and walk laps around the school’s track.  

“Babylon Memorial Grade School has always been a strong supporter of this amazing organization and to Mr. Pendergast’s cause to bring awareness and find a cure,” said Superintendent of Schools Linda Rozzi. “For those of us who have been personally affected by ALS, we continue to thank the ALS Ride for Life Foundation for all they do to combat this disease.”

VIDEO: Music Theory


Continuing with the highlights of the district’s newly implemented Advanced Placement courses, this week we’ll take a sneak peek into the AP Music Theory course. 

Turkey Trot

Turkey Trot 1
Turkey Trot 2
More than 60 Babylon Memorial Grade School students worked up an appetite for Thanksgiving dinner when they participated in the school’s annual Turkey Trot event which took place on Nov. 17.  
Due to the organizational efforts of fifth-grade teacher Joseph Rossi, the third- through sixth-grade student participants were invited to run the 700-meter course in the spirit of the holiday season. Upon finishing the course, all participants were awarded with a medal to commemorate their efforts.

VIDEO: Global Maker Day


Community Bond Walkthrough

The district would like to extend an invitation toward all community residents for a districtwide bond walkthrough, set to begin on Saturday, Jan. 26, at 10 a.m., at the Babylon Junior-Senior High School. During the walkthrough, residents will be able to experience a firsthand account of the numerous upgrades and repairs which have been made to both the interiors and exteriors of the district’s educational buildings over the past several years.

All-Eastern Musicians

All-Eastern Musicians photo
The Babylon Junior-Senior High School is thrilled to announce that two student-musicians, Sydney Altbacker and Isabela Gaskill, were selected to perform at the 2019 National Association for Music Education’s All-Eastern Honors Ensembles based on their unparalleled musical talent. During the festival, which is to be held April 4-7, 2019 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Sydney will be singing with the All-Eastern Treble Choir and Isabela will be singing with the All-Eastern Mixed Chorus.  

With assistance from their music teacher, Brian Kroll, these exceptional students will prepare remarkably challenging music that they will perform under the leadership of prominent conductors in this biennial event. Students will spend three days rehearsing with one of five conductors, which will ultimately lead to the performances on April 7. 

Both Isabela and Sydney are to be joined by more than 780 of the most musically talented high school students in the Eastern region of the United States. According to Babylon Junior-Senior High School Director of Fine Arts and Music Angela Turk, this is one of the highest honors a high school musician can attain. 

Connecting Literature to Theater

Connecting Literature to Theater photo
In recognition of the Babylon Junior-Senior High School Drama Club’s upcoming production of “To Kill A Mockingbird,” eighth-grade English students will be connecting their literary analysis of the novel during an in-class field trip of the theater production in early December.
In a collaborative effort, “To Kill A Mockingbird” Director Eddie Storey, District Director of Fine Arts and Music Angela Turk, and Director of English Language Arts Teresa Collins joined forces to bring a humanities-based learning experience to the eighth-grade students. According to Mrs. Collins, the novel has been a literary staple in the eighth-grade English curriculum for some time, and, according to a recent article in Newsday, was just named best-loved novel in the United States. 

“To Kill A Mockingbird” will premiere at Babylon Junior-Senior High School’s Rowe Hall for four consecutive evenings, beginning on Thursday, Dec. 6, for a private showing for the Babylon community’s senior citizens. Babylon Elementary School art teacher Elizabeth Losito also assisted Storey to bring this classic novel to the stage.

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks photo
The Babylon Junior-Senior High School celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday by hosting their annual “Thankful to Have You Here” party on Nov. 20, in which staff and students celebrated and formally welcomed the new registrants of the Babylon JSHS community. 

This year, a group of seniors and juniors served as the welcoming committee, handing out desserts to the attendees and engaging them in friendly conversation. Additionally, all of the new registrants were gifted with “Panther’s Pay it Forward” T-shirts in preparation of the upcoming season of giving.  

“This event always reminds us how proud we are of our students, as they get to know students who are new to the community and remind them we are thankful to have them here,” said Babylon Junior-Senior High School Assistant Principal Jennifer Mangone.

Celebrating Student Accomplishments

Celebrating Student Accomplishments photo
The Nov. 19 Board of Education meeting celebrated the accomplishments of a number of Babylon Junior-Senior High School seniors. 

To begin the night’s recognitions, Superintendent of Schools Linda Rozzi announced that 39 Babylon Junior-Senior High School students have earned Advanced Placement Scholar awards from the College Board. These honorees include both current students and members of the Class of 2018. 

The students were met with words of praise from Mrs. Rozzi and members of the Board of Education for their stunning accomplishment, and were presented with tokens of appreciation on behalf of the district.

Paying Respects to the French

Paying Respects to the French 2018

Students enrolled in Melissa Anderson’s French IV classes at Babylon Junior-Senior High School recently took an in-class “field trip” to Pére Lachaise Cemetery to commemorate the French holiday of La Toussaint, their version of All Saints’ Day.

After researching famous musicians, scientists, performers, writers and revolutionaries, the students applied their knowledge of the French past tenses to write their biographies to be displayed for all to see. As the students made their way around the transformed classroom, their classmates were greeted with some “tourist” information about the very famous cemetery, along with being given a checklist of graves to visit and a flashlight to navigate the terrain. 

France celebrates La Toussaint on Nov. 1 every year. During the remembrance, they visit the famous cemetery and leave chrysanthemums on the graves of those who have passed away.

Celebrating our Nation’s Veterans

Celebrating our Nation’s Veterans photo

The Babylon Memorial Grade School recently hosted a Veterans Day celebration earlier this month, inviting servicemen and women from various branches of the U.S. Armed Forces to be recognized and thanked. During the celebration, the veterans were met with uplifting patriotic songs from students, along with speeches and poems about what Veterans Day means to them. Additionally, the students visually displayed the story of the Fallen Solider Table, setting it in a proper and respectful manner.

Thursday, January 24, 2019