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Schools Closed - MLK Day

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Showcasing Students and Teachers

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Artwork by Babylon High School students Jessica Cronk, Alana Lewis and Olivia Muller were recently included in Suffolk County Art Leaders Association’s virtual 2020 Invitational Show. The students’ pieces were showcased alongside work by BHS art teachers Cheryl Schweider and Patricia Stork to “highlight the physical manifestations that develop out of the mentor/mentee relationship and from both perspectives.

Creative Change-Makers

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As part of their writing curriculum, first graders at Babylon Elementary School recently published pieces about issues they felt compelled to change. The students used their persuasive writing skills to craft pieces on a wide range of topics they were passionate about such as cleaning up litter and toys. Other topics included solutions for getting to school on time, bike safety and even allowing video games at school.

Introducing Art Pals

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Babylon High School students in the National Art Honor Society recently paired up with Babylon Elementary Schoolers to participate in an ongoing artwork exchange. For their first swap, kindergartners in Emily Moran’s class and second graders in Samantha Czeczotka's class each received a unique piece of holiday themed artwork from their high school “art pal” and then created their own piece of the same theme to send back to them. The high schoolers and elementary schoolers alike look forward to continue getting to know their “art pals” through the artwork they exchange throughout the rest of the school year.

Celebrating Kindness

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Students at Babylon Elementary School and Babylon Memorial Grade School recently celebrated Kindness Week, participating in activities that promoted inclusivity, the celebration of differences, and spreading random and intentional acts of kindness.

Another goal of the week was to strengthen the connection between students learning at school and those learning virtually at home. In addition to kindness-centered lessons, virtual and in-person students alike participated in a different dress-up themes each day, such as wearing bright clothes for “Brighten the World with Kindness” Day.

Monday, January 18, 2021