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169 Park Avenue
Babylon, New York 11702
Main Office: (631) 893-7980
Principal: Mr. Steven Goldberg
School Hours:
8:20 a.m. - 2:35 p.m.


A Message from the Principal

Welcome to 2018!

I hope you enjoyed a restful and enjoyable winter recess with your family. As we head into the colder months of winter please make sure to have your son/daughter dress appropriately for the weather. Students will also be heading outside for recess when the temperature permits, so therefore coats, hats and gloves are recommended.

A number of parents have inquired about the drop-off procedure in the morning. I would like to outline this procedure in an effort to ensure that students are safe as they enter the building.

Parents that are dropping off in the 3rd/4th Grade (East Parking Lot) must be in the lot prior to 8:17AM. The lot will be closed (“coned off”) at 8:17AM. The entrance doors in the 3rd/4th Grade Hallway will be closed at 8:20AM. School begins at this time and teachers are in their classrooms. Please understand that if you arrive after 8:17AM you can drop your child off in the West Lot which is located off Ralph Avenue. Later arrivals, after 8:25AM, may use the main entrance since buses are no longer dropping off students.

When you drop your child off in the East Lot (3rd/4th Grade Wing) please pull up to exit the lot. We have security personnel in that location making sure students enter the building safely. Failure to move forward and exit causes congestion and back-up in the lot.

I understand that while some parents may be frustrated, I believe if we all work collaboratively we can make this process a success. My final tip for drop-off: arrive a bit earlier to beat the traffic and the process will be seamless.

Again, please be patient and follow the simple rules so that students will arrive safely each day.

Have a good weekend,

Steve Goldberg

Saturday, January 20, 2018