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Bond Update – Feb. 2014 

Thanks to the community’s support of the district’s bond referendum in December, the Board of Education and administration have commenced planning for the initial phase of construction. With the help of the district’s architect and construction manager, the detailed list of proposed projects have been divided among four phases of construction, with the first planned for the summer of 2014 and the last extending to the summer of 2017. The majority of the projects are planned for the summer months to ensure the least disruption to the learning environment.

The first projects slated to break ground in the summer of 2014 include roof reconstruction as well as several masonry and air quality control projects at the elementary school. The relocation of the grade school playground is also planned for this summer. Pending approval from the State Education Department, these projects are scheduled for completion by September 2014. Projects in the second half of phase one will break ground in early fall. These include security and safety upgrades as well as the installation of generators at both the elementary and grade schools. Pending SED approval, these projects are scheduled for completion by December 2014. 


Renewal Bond Passes

Final vote 581 yes to 576 no

Babylon School Board Adopts Bond Resolution
Community Vote Date Set for Dec. 10

Taking the first steps to address the schools’ significant facilities and infrastructure needs, the Babylon School District Board of Education has unanimously approved a bond resolution outlining a major facilities improvement plan. With the Board’s approval, the $26.6 million project will now be put before voters on Tuesday, Dec. 10.

If approved by the community, each of the district’s three schools will see aging building systems replaced or renovated. The plan includes upgrades to roofs, heating and ventilation systems, electrical systems, and numerous other areas of building integrity. Projects will also address significant health, security and safety needs, as well as ADA compliance factors. Instructional spaces, including science labs, technology workshops and art classrooms, will receive upgrades to meet the district’s curriculum focus on science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics. The high school’s antiquated band room, chorus room and ancillary spaces will also be completely renovated and major updates will be made to Rowe Hall, which is not only used regularly by students but the larger community. Locker rooms at the high school will be revamped and the gym spaces at the high school and grade school will also be addressed. Major upgrades to athletic fields are also included in the proposed project.

“Funding for the types of repairs and upgrades needed districtwide simply are not possible as part of our annual operating budget,” said Board of Education President Roger Katz. “By packaging our needs together through a bond, we will not only be able to effectively address current realities but also do so through a means of prudent financing.”

The total anticipated cost of the project is $26.6 million. Of this amount, 46.3 percent will be funded through New York State building aid. For the average household in the district, the project would cost approximately $2 a month during the initial year of the bond. When the financial phase-in is complete in 2018, the project will cost the average homeowner approximately $25.41 a month for the remainder of the term of the bond.

Superintendent of Schools Richard Rozakis said, “Many of these spaces and building systems have simply reached the end of their lifespans and temporary repairs are no longer a viable option. This plan will enable us to preserve the integrity of our buildings and ensure they are ready to meet our students’ 21st century learning needs.”

Polls will be opening from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. at Babylon Memorial Grade School on Dec. 10 for registered voters to cast their ballots on this referendum. For more information about this project, please review the materials posted to the right.


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