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Instructional Technology Support

Please fill out the appropriate IT Support Form (see sidebar) if you have a parent/guardian question or you have a request for IT Support for our students and their devices. Please Note: Username/Passwords will never be asked for through email from the IT Staff. DO NOT SHARE this information. We will also not be giving out this information through email. You will receive a call with this information as we have now moved into our distance learning platform.


Remote Support

In order to reach student/parent needs more efficiently without the need for back-and-forth emails and onsite appointments, we are excited to announce the launch of BUFSD - IT Remote Support. This will enable the IT Department to remotely connect to your 1:1 device in order to assist you resolve a majority of technical issues we've encountered during Distance Learning. We will continue with onsite support 1 day a week to further troubleshoot more complex issues, those related to hardware and to replace components that are no longer functioning correctly. We have pushed the BUFSD - IT Remote Support app out to all 1:1 devices and starting Wednesday March 22, 2020 we will begin to schedule appointments.

Please read through the Remote IT Support Appointment documentation fully prior to your meeting. This will help you understand how Remote Support will work. During a IT Remote Support appointment, the technician will remotely connect to the 1:1 device. Parent/Guardians should be available to help their student during the scheduled appointment time. There is NO video connection during these sessions. Audio connections are currently only available through Teams.


Support Updates

In an effort to keep all students, parents and staff updated on technology issues related to instruction the IT Department will post updates here. Please be aware that some issues can be global while many are individualized. If you are having an issue not related to an update, please fill out an IT Support Form on the link to the left.


September 30, 2020

Microsoft Teams: There have been a few reports of Teams not loading correctly ("encountering an error"). You can re-install the Teams app by clicking on the download link here. Once downloaded, double-click the file and Teams will re-install.


September 22, 2020

Office 365 Accounts: We have received a few inquiries why parents can only add one account to their iOS or Android mobile apps now. Due to some changes in our organization and how we work collaboratively, we’ve added mobile app management to our tenant. With this initiated, you can only add one account at a time, to be added to the same app on iOS or Android device. This is because data can then be shared between the accounts on that devices. Although, for a parent it might not be an issue, it is an all or none system, so for the places we need the security put in place, we would not have it. You can however add multiple accounts to a Windows 10 based device.


September 20, 2020

Kindergarten Laptops: There have been a few reported instances where the picture password "disappears" and only the password is available to log into the device. After looking at several laptops, it seems 1 or 2 restarts will resolve the issue.
We have also noticed some students having an issue with the swipe. We will look to replace the swipe password with another in the coming days.

Office 365 on iOS: When utilizing an iOS device, you may only have one work or school account attached to it at a time. This is due to a security parameter in place for data protection. If you want to view multiple accounts, please use a Windows 10 device.

Audio Issues: The audio driver for the external speaker installed on Windows 10 version 1909 will cause a loud crackling/screeching sound. We just need to manually update the driver and the audio will play correctly. In the meantime, you can use headphones or external speakers and the audio should play without issue.

"Slow" Device: We have received several inquiries in regards to devices running slow. Although the devices are not top of the line, they do perform well for school related activities. When you see a "slow" down in performance, or if the device loses the Wi-Fi connection, it is normally due to an update being downloaded, installed in the background. Please make sure to check Start > Settings > Update & Security on a regular basis for updates. This will increase performance when completing classwork.


July 20, 2020

Office 365 Security: The IT Department is in the middle of implementing several new security protocols for accessing our Office 365 systems. For mobile devices, it will require you to grant Babylon UFSD access to our data that is stored on your device. This gives us the capability to remove it, if access is no longer granted to you. No other capabilities are available to Babylon UFSD on an individual's personal device.

We understand that additional security measures can be frustrating for students/parents/teachers. However, these measures are being implemented to secure the data housed within our Office 365 systems.