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Welcome Back! 

Fall 2017

Important Information Regarding Delayed Openings,
Early Releases and School Closings

Dear Residents,

It is with pleasure that we present the year’s first edition of Babylon Highlights. It is a timely publication celebrating the many recent accomplishments of our students, programs and notable alumni. The first two months of the new year were filled with promise and enthusiasm. We commend all students, faculty, staff, administration and parents for the positive collaboration and home-school relationships we value. At this point in the year, students seem to be back in the swing of their school routines and schedules.

The fall season represents a time when we celebrate everything wonderful that a new academic year brings. Most recently, we enjoyed the festivities of homecoming weekend throughout the district. The sense of school spirit was everywhere, as current students and alumni from many past classes returned to campus to partake in the weekend festivities.

As we head into the colder months of fall, I wish to take this opportunity to inform the school community of a number of initiatives that are currently taking place within our schools:

The district’s strategic plan, “The Way Forward,” has undergone its annual comprehensive review and relevant updates have been made. The updated plan was reviewed with the Board of Education in a public meeting back in September. The presentation can be found on the district website at

Our high school graduation rate is second to none, and each year the number of students walking with Advanced Regents Diplomas and  those pursuing higher education continues to climb! Both outcomes have been goals for our district team in recent years, yet the efforts of our students and the vision they have for their futures is always exciting to see!

The many capital improvement projects completed during  the  last four years have proven to have been a very exciting time for Babylon. As Superintendent of Schools, I extend my sincere appreciation to the community for its support of these multiyear renovations and for the overall trust, confidence and support of public education in general. Most noteworthy is that the summer renovations are now complete, give or take some minor finishing touches. We will see the final phase of capital renovations in the summer of 2018.

School safety and security protocols are designed to serve our schools and preserve the safety of all who work and learn in them. Therefore, safety measures continue to receive regular review. Since becoming Superintendent, I have made this a heightened priority. Much workhas been accomplished in the last year in this area with the help  and support of our Board of Education, our leadership team, and all employee groups, particularly all security personnel. By fall’s end we
will see the complete installation of new interior and exterior security cameras districtwide. The district and administration is also in the process of exploring a technological platform called Scholarchip, a system that manages student and staff identity, visitor identity, large group entry points and physical door access. This will be yet another way to ensure that our schools are safe and conducive learning environments.

Our 1:1 world computing initiative kicked off in September with the deployment of devices to all instructional staff. Our teachers are now being trained on their most effective use in planning and instructional collaboration as they prepare for the deployment of student devices in fall 2018.

We remain committed to STEAM education; one highlight this year will be setting the stage for a new computer technology pathway for a 2018/2019 implementation at Babylon High School.

Our new Social Emotional Learning curriculum, Second Step, has been embraced at the K-6 level and fully championed by the district’s Board  of Education, faculty and community. Babylon Schools recently also had the opportunity to showcase the new program with our New York State Assembly representatives, who provided legislative funding that helped support the purchase of all program materials, as well as the financial support to bring in yoga instruction, K-12, during the winter months. Additionally, we will further reinforce the lessons and themes children are learning in the Second Step program through an artist-in-residence program called Circle of Dance. In the next number of months, artists from Circle of Dance will be working with our youngsters in grades 2-6. This performance-based arts program enables a class of students to build upon aspects of mindfulness, cooperation, sharing, tolerance,
risk-taking and self-confidence, which are all central to learning in the arts.

As you can see, we remain focused on providing a first-rate educational program for all students, and one that delivers a healthy balance between meeting very rigorous standards while valuing each child’s happiness. I do hope you enjoy this fall edition of our district newsletter!

Have a wonderful fall!

Linda J. Rozzi, Superintendent of Schools


A Welcome Video from Babylon Superintendent of Schools, Linda J. Rozzi

Saturday, January 20, 2018