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About the Board

The Board of Education establishes policy and adopts regulations for the conduct of the school district. It is the community's elected body. In the Babylon School District, Trustees are elected by district voters for one three-year term. Each year, one or more seats come up for election during the annual district vote on the third Tuesday in May. There are seven members on the Babylon Board.

School board members in New York, even though sitting on a local board, serve as state officials, joining over 5,000 other men and women in guiding a statewide school system that services more than three million children. One of their most important duties is to set goals and establish policy for the district. Board members receive no pay for their service, but have the satisfaction of knowing that they are performing an indispensable public service.
Keep Connected
If you would like to receive emails regarding upcoming Babylon School District BOE meetings or other pertinent meetings sponsored by the Babylon School District, please send an email with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line and your name and email address where you wish to receive these emails in the body to:

Also, be sure to add to your “Safe Sender” list so you can be sure that the emails will be received in your inbox and not sent to your spam folder.

Sunday, September 15, 2019