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Elementary Authors

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Babylon Elementary School kindergarten students in Laura Foerster’s and Samantha Geller’s class recently showcased their literary skills during a special author’s celebration. During the event, which was well-attended by parents, featured the students’ “All About Me” books. Within each personal book, the students showcased various personality traits and some of their favorite things to do outside of school. After presenting their books to the class, the young “authors” held a “book signing” in which the class and any visitors were able to congratulate them on their hard work and ask them questions about their stories.

Foreign Language Honor Society Inductions

Foreign Language Honor Society Inductions Photo
Babylon Junior-Senior High School recently celebrated the induction of 47 sophomores and juniors into two Foreign Language Honor Societies. The Babylon chapter of the Spanish Honor Society, Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, welcomed 26 new members, while 21 inductees were sworn into the school’s chapter of the French Honor Society, Société Honoraire de Français. These new members have consistently maintained an average of 95 or higher in their language classes since the ninth grade.

One Final Walk

One Final Walk Photo

Babylon Junior-Senior High School’s Class of 2017 walked down the hallways of their school, Babylon Elementary School and Babylon Memorial Grade School to the cheers and applause from students, faculty and staff. After being celebrated within all three buildings, the seniors were treated to a Senior BBQ at Cedar Beach to enjoy the lovely weather with their fellow classmates before commencement on June 23.

K-6 School Supply Order Forms for the 2017/2018 School Year are Available Here!


‘Catch-A-Career’ Breakfast

‘Catch-A-Career’ Breakfast Photo
The Babylon Junior-Senior High School Business Department recently held its annual Catch-A-Career Breakfast. The eight guest speakers included four former students of Director of Practical Arts and Business Claire Reilly, and four local parents/business representatives who spoke to the students about their career paths.

Throughout the course of the morning, the panel spoke to the attending students about their education and background, and discussed “soft skills” such as public speaking, time management and networking. The visiting panel holds professional positions spanning titles of public accountant, chief financial officer, managing director, social media manager, private accountant, brand manager and more. 

The students appreciated the opportunity to hear about the panelists history and were eager to ask questions about salary, hours worked, career advancement and advanced degrees. 

Additionally, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Dan D’Amico, Babylon Junior-Senior High School Principal Al Cirone and Babylon Junior-Senior High School Assistant Principal Jennifer Mangone were on hand to enjoy the presentation. 

Class of 2017 - Senior Information

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* Prom Policy Guidelines
* Commencement Information for Graduating Seniors

Eat the Rainbow Week

Eat the Rainbow Week Photo

In accordance with “Eat the Rainbow” week, which promotes healthy eating habits throughout schools, second-grade students at Babylon Elementary School were recently visited by Chef Marianne to learn important eating habits.

During the “Chefs Move to Schools” program, the students were asked to take part in an activity which had them matching up fruits and vegetables with their respective colors, and learned about some new varieties along the way.  

Additionally, the students learned about the different nutrients that each item offered and were able to sample beet hummus, which they highly enjoyed.

According to the official Chefs Move to Schools website, the initiative is aimed at combating childhood obesity, educating children about food and to show them that healthy eating can be fun.

June Regents and Finals

* June Calendar
* June Testing Newsletter
* JH Final Exams
* NYS Regents Exam Information
NYS Regents Exam Schedule
* Cell Phone Policy During Exams

Spreading Laughter on Red Nose Day

Spreading Laughter on Red Nose Day Photo
Second-grade students in Marie Poelker’s class at Babylon Elementary School recently donned red clown noses and learned about Red Nose Day. Additionally, Mrs. Poelker made a generous donation toward the organization’s efforts. According to their website, Red Nose Day was founded by Comic Relief Inc., and aims its efforts toward ending child poverty in the United States through fundraising and donations. 

Districtwide Achievements Celebrated

Districtwide Achievements Celebrated Photo

The June 5 Babylon School District Board of Education meeting was full of recognitions, spanning not only the students’ accomplishments, but the district staff as well.

To begin the nights’ recognitions, Babylon Junior Senior High School valedictorian Gabriella Albanese and salutatorian Ece Bapcum were commended by the Board of Education for their outstanding accomplishments spanning athletics, academics and extracurricular activities. Gabriella will be attending SUNY Stony Brook’s Honors College with a major in chemistry, while Ece will be attending Northeastern University with a major in molecular biology. 

The members of Babylon Memorial Grade School’s Mock Trial Team were also recognized by the Board of Education for their successful participation in the Western Suffolk BOCES Mock Trial Tournament. After intense trials and outstanding performances, both the plaintiff team and defense team were victorious; each winning their cases and also winning for overall presentation and style.

Babylon Junior-Senior High School math teacher Frank Mancuso was presented with a token of appreciation for being recognized by Sen. Phil Boyle as a “Teacher of Excellence” at his second annual Teacher of Excellence Awards Ceremony recently held at the Bay Shore Fire Department. Mr. Mancuso has been a part of the Babylon School District for eight years, and is highly regarded by students and staff alike. 

Additionally, eight staff members throughout the district were granted with tenure and celebrated by the community for their commitment to education. The district congratulates Kerrin Brennan, Cecila Galbraith, Erin Kennedy, Lindsay Laurich, Deirdre McIntee, Patricia Ryder, Marissa Scholl and Danielle Weis. 

Classroom Dance Lessons

Classroom Dance Lessons Photo
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Classroom Dance Lessons Photo 3
Eleventh-grade students enrolled in Spanish 4 classes at Babylon Junior-Senior High School recently completed a unit on Latin Dance in which they learned bachata and salsa through online video tutorials. Additionally, students learned flamenco steps from student Ana Castillo, who lived in Spain and studied the craft for six years.

Portrait Swap

Portrait Swap Photo

Art students from Babylon Memorial Grade School recently visited students at Babylon Junior-Senior High School for a “Portrait Swap” event, in which the students created beautiful portraits in various formats based on a photograph and various personality traits provided by the students.

Utilizing their creative talents, students of both schools were able to transform words and photos into artwork as they digitally recreated, illustrated or used bits of magazine paper to formulate facial structures resembling their “swap” buddy.

Additionally, the upperclassmen assisted the younger students in a collaborative springtime art project in which they drew scenes consisting of flowers, sunshine and blue skies.

District’s Moody’s Rating Upgraded

As a result of sound financial planning and community support, the Babylon School District’s bond rating has been upgraded from Aa3 to Aa2 by Moody's Investor Service.

The upgrade reflects the District's strengthened financial position and signs of stable tax base values. The Moody's rating is determined based on the assessment of such measures as fund balance, financial management, tax base wealth and tax base stability and is a critical element used by prospective lenders to determine the credit worthiness of public entities, including schools.

“The Moody's rating is to a school or governmental agency what a FICO (credit) score is to an individual,” explained Deputy Superintendent Dr. Peter Daly. “The higher the score a district earns, the better the interest rate they will likely receive when borrowing. As the district is in the process of completing a large scale bond project, this improved rating could result in a significant financial savings for our residents over the life of this borrowing.”

Memorial Day

Memorial Day image
The District wishes to extend a Happy Memorial Day weekend to all Babylon families as we recognize the sacrifices those who served made to our nation.

Playing Hunger Away

Playing Hunger Away Photo
Three Babylon Memorial Grade School student-musicians recently raised more than $320 for Long Island Cares – The Harry Chapin Food Bank, after participating for a month in the Harry Chapin Practice-A-Thon. The fundraiser supports New York State local food banks and improve their practice habits.

The students – fourth-grader Katie Channing, fifth-grader Talia Baker and sixth-grader Molly Higgins - marked down their daily practice schedules on their calendar, and accepted donations from sponsors based on the number of minutes that he/she practiced for the day.

Spanish Class Fun

Spanish Class Fun Photo
Spanish Class Fun Photo 3
Students enrolled in Spanish language classes at Babylon Junior-Senior High School are currently expanding their knowledge of the global language in the classroom.

Ninth-grade Spanish II students recently completed a unit in which they learned how to give directions and explain where things are located using multiple prepositions. The students wrote letters to imaginary Spanish-speaking students visiting Babylon for the first time to help them get around town, complete with recommendations for the best food and pastimes within the community.

Additionally, 11th-grade Spanish IV students researched Hispanic artists and created presentations that included a short biography of the artist, plus critiques of two of his/her works. Their findings were then presented to the class using a variety of web-based programs.


‘Partic-I-Paint’ Photo

Art students at Babylon Junior-Senior High School recently invited students from Babylon Memorial Grade school to take part in a fun and collaborative “Partic-I-Paint” event as a means of sharing artistic insight with the younger students. Throughout the course of the evening, the grade-level students created nautical-themed paintings while following step-by-step instructions from the high schoolers.

Talents on Display

Talents on Display Photo

The Babylon Junior-Senior High School Foreign Language Honor Society recently hosted the first student/teacher talent show, featuring teachers showcasing their talents alongside students in an effort to raise funds for the Promoting Health in Haiti organization.

Throughout the course of the evening, 10 teachers took to the stage alongside the talented students to sing, dance, perform musical numbers and recite poetry.

Babylon Junior-Senior Art School teacher Cheryl Schweider and the National Art Honor Society students also created "Home for Haiti" magnets and sold them to the community for additional fundraising purposes.

According to their website, the Promoting Health in Haiti organization seeks to improve health in the island country through enhancing nursing education and knowledge. With the combined efforts of so many volunteers, the community raised more than $1,500 for the organization. As a means of expressing her gratitude, the president of PHH shared a video message with the students and thanked them for their help.

Celebrating Student Achievements

Celebrating Student Achievements Photo
Celebrating Student Achievements Photo 2
The May 8 Babylon School District Board of Education meeting recognized multiple district students for their achievements, covering scholarly subjects including academics, athletics and the arts.

To begin the night’s recognitions, members of the Babylon Junior-Senior High School varsity cheerleading team were recognized for being named Suffolk County Champions for the second year in a row and for qualifying for the New York State Public High School Athletic Association State Championships for the second year running.

The varsity gymnastics team was honored for being named runners-up in this year’s Suffolk County Championships. Additionally, the team was recognized as an All-American Team by the National High School Gymnastics Association. Student-athletes Heather Falconer, Sarah Franklin, Kristen Murray and Alexandra Singleton were named Academic All-American athletes based not only on their superior athletic skills, but also for maintaining a GPA above 3.5.

Babylon School District art teachers Patricia Stork and Cheryl Schweider introduced their talented art students who recently returned from their trip to Saratoga Springs, New York for the 2017 Olympics of the Visual Arts. They were able to display their work to the Babylon community, which included a beautiful carousel Pegasus dress made entirely of paper materials and a “Tree of Life” sculpture based on the works of renowned artist Gustav Klimt.

Honoring Joe DeLucca

Honoring Joe DeLucca Photo
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Honoring Joe DeLucca Photo 3
Honoring Joe DeLucca Photo 4
Honoring Joe DeLucca Photo 5
The district recently dedicated their baseball field in honor of community resident and Class of 1947 Babylon High School graduate Joe DeLucca due to his multiple accomplishments, both on and off the field.

Throughout the beautiful ceremony surrounding the baseball field, dozens of family, friends, athletes and district staff and administrators expressed their words of thanks and gratitude in honor of Mr. DeLucca and all that he has done for the district. Additionally, Babylon Town Mayor Ralph Scordino was on hand to personally congratulate Mr. DeLucca for his lifelong list of achievements.

Mr. DeLucca has had a long and prosperous career, serving multiple roles in the Babylon School District including former athletic director, teacher and coach of both the baseball and football teams. He was also a baseball scout, signing prominent athletes such as Manny Ramirez, Charles Nagy and Jeff Schaefer.

"Mr. DeLucca is a Babylon legend, and a true champion of the Babylon School District and the Babylon Athletic program in general,” said Superintendent of Schools Linda Rozzi. “He has been an instrumental force as a teacher and coach, as well as highly successful as a major league baseball scout. Our district could not have thought of a better person to honor. It was truly a very touching celebration honoring Joe; we are so grateful that many of his friends and family members were able to join us as we all celebrated this very memorable occasion with him."

Budget Vote & Trustee Election Results


Achievements in Music

Achievements in Music Photo
Achievements in Music Photo 2
Based on their musical talents Babylon Junior-Senior High School student-musicians earned tremendous success during their recent trip to Williamsburg, Virginia for the WorldStrides OnStage music competition.

The concert band earned a silver rating, while the jazz band, symphonic winds, concert choir, chordettes and senior high orchestra each earned a gold rating. Additionally, the senior high orchestra received the Adjudicator Award for earning an average score of 92 or higher and a trophy for Outstanding Orchestral Group.

Two students, cellist Scott Sgueglia and violinist Jack Bruno, were awarded with the Maestro Award, which is bestowed upon those students who display extraordinary musical ability and sensitivity.

Senior Lindsey Daily was the sole winner of the Ovation Award throughout the entire festival. Lindsay was chosen based on her contribution to the music program, which transcends the making of music, as she represents the spirit of determination, inspiration and service to others that exists in all musicians of Babylon Junior-Senior High School.

Additionally, the entire department won the Festival Sweepstakes Award. To qualify for this honor, schools must enter one choral group, one instrumental group, and a third group of their choice. The school that accumulates the highest number of points toward a perfect score of 300 determines the winner.

Positive Messages

Positive Messages Photo
Positive Messages Photo 2
Positive Messages Photo 3
Positive Messages Photo 4
Positive Messages Photo 5
Positive Messages Photo 6
Due to the efforts of Babylon Memorial Grade School’s Broadcasting Club, students have been sharing uplifting messages of encouragement and compliments with their Pay It Forward Positive Post-it Wall campaign, which was initiated to maintain a high level of positive spirits throughout the school’s halls.

When passing the colorful board located conveniently in the school’s hallway, students are encouraged to select an encouraging message as well as leave a note to brighten the day of someone else. While each of the messages are unique, they have all been uniform in theme – positivity and encouragement. Recent notes have featured such messages as, “If you can dream it you can do it” and “Smile, because you’re amazing.”

Additionally, the club jumpstarted a sock drive to benefit the residents of the Bethany House, collecting a grand total of 960 socks throughout the month of April.

Laying Down the Law

Laying Down the Law Photo
Babylon Memorial Grade School’s Mock Trial club members recently became trial attorneys, witnesses and legal aides as they participated in the Western Suffolk BOCES Mock Trial Tournament against two other Long Island teams.

With the support of a volunteer attorney, Patrick Shelley, and teacher advisers, Kerrin Brennan, Jessica Kurtz and Lisa Necroto, students tackled legal issues, engaged in legal analysis and ultimately tried a case in a mock courtroom before a judge.   
After intense trials and outstanding performances, both the plaintiff team and defense team were victorious; each winning their cases and also winning for overall presentation and style. Each team member was presented with a certificate of appreciation and a gold gavel pin.

Recycling Fun

Recycling Fun Photo 1
Recycling Fun Photo 2
Recycling Fun Photo 3
Recycling Fun Photo 4

In celebration of Earth Day, first-grade students in Jennifer Brooks’ class at Babylon Elementary School created projects made entirely out of recycled materials and then presented their work to the class. Some of the creative projects included a piggy bank crafted from a seltzer bottle, a party favor made from a paper tube and a shoe box transformed into a working foosball table.


High Business Honor

High Business Honor Photo
The district is proud to announce that the Babylon Junior-Senior High School has ranked 18th on the “100 Best Wise High Schools Teaching Personal Finance” national ranking released by Working in Support of Education. The NYC-based educational nonprofit focuses on promoting student financial literacy nationwide, and sponsored by Voya Financial®.

This recognition indicates that Andrew Marulis’ business students performed amongst the highest in the entire country on the WISE standardized Financial Literacy Certification Test.

First established in 2003, WISE’s award-winning Financial Literacy Certification program provides teachers with a curriculum and instructional resources to teach personal finance and measure students’ financial literacy through WISE’s Certification Test. Students who pass the test are designated Certified Financially Literate. WISE students in 46 states receive close to six million hours of personal finance instruction annually.
According to Claire Reilly, director of business education at Babylon Junior-Senior High School, the district has consistently ranked amongst the top 100 schools in the past years of their active participation.

BHS Regents Review Sessions


Sharpening Business Skills

Sharpening Business Skills Photo
Sharpening Business Skills Photo 2
Student representatives enrolled in Babylon Junior-Senior High School’s Virtual Enterprises class recently traveled to Pier 92 in Manhattan to promote their mock business opportunity “LockedIN” and competed against fellow attendees at the Virtual Enterprises International competition.

The teams’ idea of LockedIN came to be in October based on the idea of an escape room activity which would serve as an opportunity for other virtual firms to perform a team building activity that combines physical and mental challenges covering various themes.

The event held at Pier 92 was the year-end convention for Virtual Enterprises International, an education nonprofit that operates in 500 schools nationwide and tasks high school students with founding and running virtual companies that do business with firms in a simulated marketplace. The students performed well, networking and generating ideas for their future college studies at Binghamton University, Bryant University, Boston University, St. John’s University, and Stevens Institute of Technology to name a few.

The Babylon Junior-Senior High School college-level Virtual Enterprises class is taught by business teacher Andrew Marulis and offers credits through Farmingdale State College.

June Regents Exam Schedule


Winter Athlete Honors

Winter Athlete Honors
The Babylon School District is pleased to announce that many student-athletes received high honors both on and off the field this past competition season. Below is an overview of the achievements and accolades earned by the varsity winter sports teams.

League VII – Second-Place Ranking
Section XI – Second-Place Ranking
NYSPHSAA Scholar-Athlete Team Award                       96.356 average
All-League                                                                  Jeff Espinal
                                                                                 Shaun Kaminski
                                                                                 Aidan LaRock
All-Conference                                                           Jeff Espinal
                                                                                 Shaun Kaminski
All-Academic                                                              Gregg Forstner


League VII  – Seventh-Place Ranking
NYSPHSAA Scholar-Athlete Team Award                       98.318 average
All-League                                                                  Katherine Buser
                                                                                 Amanda Guerra
Academic All-County                                                    Ece Bapcum
                                                                                  Su Ozlek
All-Conference                                                             Amanda Guerra


Suffolk County Division II Champions
Ranked 14th in New York State
NYSPHSAA Scholar-Athlete Team Award                            97.612 average

Competition Rankings:                                       3 -  Third place
                                                             2 -  Second place                        
                                                                        8th at Empire Regional
All-County                                                         Christina Cappello
                                                                        Kathryn DiSanti
Academic All-County                                          Alexandra Singleton


NYSPHSAA Scholar-Athlete Team Award                100.100


League V – Third-Place Ranking

NYSPHSAA Scholar-Athlete Team Award                 98.182 average

All-League                                                Zach Amelia, 600m
                                                               Ethan Barker, 55 Hurdles
                                                                Brian Corcoran, Triple Jump
                                           Vlad Cullinane, High Jump and Long Jump
                                                               Thomas Grimes, Triple Jump
                                                                Evan Parise, 55m Dash
                                                               Scott Sasso, 55m Dash

All-County                                                 Vlad Cullinane, High Jump


League V

NYSPHSAA Scholar-Athlete Team Award                    99.542 average

All-County                                                  Gianna DeGrazia, Long Jump

League VIII – Third Place Ranking
NYSPHSAA Scholar-Athlete Team Award                    94.993 average
All-County                                                               Sean Baudille
                                                                              Peter Pirgousis
                                                                              Taylor Tanner


2017 Budget Newsletter


Artistic Excellence

Artistic Excellence Photo

The Babylon Junior-Senior High School Art Club recently attended the Olympics of the Visual Arts event, held in Saratoga Springs, New York, where students were able to showcase their artistic abilities and complete challenges based on their specific artistic medium.

In preparation for their competition, the students worked with art club advisors Cheryl Schweider and Patricia Stork for over the course of 12 weeks to create artwork that would be brought to the Olympics. Some of the projects they worked on included taking photographs, which portrayed a story in the style of comic book strips, constructing a merry-go-round-themed dress entirely out of paper materials and creating a still-life painting using human hands as the starting point.

According to their website, the Olympics of the Visual Arts invites students from across New York State to engage in friendly competition as they participate in a series of problems that require utilizing historical references, brainstorming, problem-solving and creative solutions.

Three Babylon Junior-Senior High School students took home second place in the Drawing category for their project on “The Light at the End of the Tunnel.”

“Each of the students did a fantastic job in all of categories, as their time, talent and persistence was evident,” said Patricia Stork. “Congratulations to the Babylon Panthers on a job well done.”

Working with the Weather

Working with the Weather Photo 1
Working with the Weather Photo 2
Working with the Weather Photo 3
Working with the Weather Photo 4
Working with the Weather Photo 5
Working with the Weather Photo 6
Second-grade students at Babylon Elementary School recently applied their scientific knowledge as they researched and ultimately formulated their very own weather reports. Utilizing green screen technology, students presented their findings to classmates using various weather-related props and pictures of their designated areas throughout the United States.

Bond Information

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For bond updates and information, please visit our bond information tab or click the link:
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