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Advocacy Presentation

The district extends its deepest appreciation to all of our elected officials, partner representatives, faculty and other guests who joined us as we champion the proper funding of our public schools.


100 Days of School

100 Days of School photo

Donning wooden canes, suspenders and grey wigs, kindergarten teachers and students from Babylon Elementary School recently recognized the 100th day of school with a breakfast celebration held in the school’s cafeteria. In addition to their tasty breakfast treats, the students also engaged in a number of crafts and hands-on activities, all surrounding the centennial number.


Souper Bowl of Caring

Souper Bowl of Caring photo
Souper Bowl of Caring photo 2
Souper Bowl of Caring photo 3
Souper Bowl of Caring photo 4
Souper Bowl of Caring photo 5
Due to an astounding amount of effort put forward by staff, students and community residents, the district’s annual Souper Bowl of Caring event recently raised more than $3,000 for Habitat for Humanity and collected 630 food items which will benefit those less fortunate. 

Babylon’s Souper Bowl of Caring event, which just celebrated its third consecutive year, featured more than 125 students who volunteered their time, along with 44 entrants for the cooking and bake-off competitions. 

The district congratulates the following winners from each respective category - seventh-grade students Ava Hanson and Riley McKeown (Best Cake/The Unicorn Cake), The Higgins Family (Best Soup/ Broccoli Cheddar Soup) and the Leo Club and Mr. Birnbaum (Best Chili/ “The Leo Club EL Chilly”). 

The district would like to thank all of the students, families and staff members who attended the event, along with Babylon Junior-Senior High School art teachers Patricia Stork and Cheryl Schweider for creating custom helmet trophies for this year’s winners. 

Heading to ‘El Norte’

Heading to ‘El Norte’ photo
In an effort to put a technological twist on their Spanish language studies, 11th-grade students enrolled in Senora Jayne’s Spanish IV Class at Babylon Junior-Senior High School utilized the popular Quizlet application during a recent classroom activity.  

After engaging in a worksheet which asked them to match characters to their descriptions based on their viewing of the popular drama film “El Norte,” the students were assigned random groups to take part in a lightning-fast online quiz also pertaining to the film. With team names such as “Los Avestruces” (The Ostriches) and “Las Tortugas” (The Turtles), the students were tasked with answering a series of 10 Spanish-language questions in succession without error, with incorrect answers resulting in the penalty of having to start from the beginning again.

“El Norte” tells the tale of Guatemalan citizens who flee their tyrannical government rule in hopes of finding a better life in America. In addition to being a critically acclaimed film, it is widely incorporated into the world and foreign languages curriculum throughout the nation. 

A Loving Environment

A Loving Environment photo
A Loving Environment photo 2
A Loving Environment photo 3
A Loving Environment photo 4
The Babylon Memorial Grade School recently celebrated the month of February with a central theme of “Love Myself” as brought upon by the PTA’s Social Emotional Committee. 

As a Valentine’s Day “twist” promoting self-love, self-confidence and self- acceptance, each student wrote a Post-it with something they love about themselves. The completed Post-it notes were then put on to banners for each grade, and displayed throughout the school’s hallways. 

“We wanted each student to celebrate what makes them special, unique and important,” said school psychologist Jessica Linder. “Loving yourself makes it easy to share love and kindness to others.” 

Magnificent Musicians

Magnificent Musicians
Magnificent Musicians2
Three student-musicians from Babylon Memorial Grade School were selected to take place in the Long Island String All-County Music Festival, which took place at Hauppauge High School on Jan. 25. 

Each year, music teachers from throughout Suffolk County are asked to recommend their most outstanding student musicians for participation in the Long Island String All-County Music Festival. This year’s student-participants, Lucas Bridges, Marena Onishi and Katherine Orifici, were selected by music teacher Paul Grisafi. The students’ selection was based upon their outstanding musical ability and past performances at NYSSMA Festivals.

World Read Aloud Day

 World Read Aloud Day photo
 World Read Aloud Day photo 2
In celebration of World Read Aloud Day, sixth-grade students from Babylon Memorial Grade School connected their classroom lessons to real-life experiences as they Skyped with children’s author Loree Griffin Burns in the school cafeteria.

After a brief introduction by library media specialist Lisa Lindeman, the entire sixth-grade class was greeted by Mrs. Griffin Burns as she greeted the school on a large projection screen. During the event, she spoke about her book, “Tracking Trash: Flotsam, Jetsam and the Science of Ocean Motion” with the engaged students. The nonfiction story is about Dr. Curtis Ebbesmeyer, who tracks garbage in the name of science, and studies the various forms of trash in an effort to better understand and protect the ocean. Additionally, the students asked Mrs. Griffin Burns insightful questions about her extensive research and the process of writing a book. 

Prior to the Skype session, sixth-grade science teacher Heather Hosek covered the topic of the Great Pacific garbage patch in her classes, giving the students valuable insight prior to their conversation with Mrs. Griffin Burns. Mrs. Hosek is also the adviser for the school’s recently implemented STEAM club, which will be taking part in a series of interesting initiatives throughout the coming months. 

“My favorite part of the book was how they studied the garbage buildup, and I liked how she answered some interesting questions for us during our Skype session,” said sixth-grade student Emmett Boxer. 

“I learned that a lot of companies are trying to help, and that the garbage patch is actually underneath the surface, when I thought it was on top the whole time,” said sixth-grader Alana Lewis.

A “Magnetizing” Science Lesson

A “Magnetizing” Science Lesson photo
Students enrolled in Lisa Lang’s third-grade class at Babylon Memorial Grade School recently applied their scientific knowledge to learn about the many properties of magnetism. Using a limited number of materials, the students’ goal was to use their critical thinking skills to successfully conduct magnetism using one rubberized magnet, one nail and a paperclip. After striking the nail with the rubberized magnet dozens of times in the same direction to align the domains, the students reached their goal of creating a temporary magnet when the tip of the nail was able to successfully pick up a paper clip or two. 

Wonderful Writers

Wonderful Writers photo

Babylon Elementary School first-graders recently became “experts” on several topics when researching for their nonfiction writing unit. In celebration of the conclusion of the unit, they wrote a series of informative stories and as a fun twist to this creative initiative, they dressed up in colorful outfits to mimic the topics including holidays, the weather, butterflies and candy.

Creating Waves of Their Own

Creating Waves of Their Own photo
Creating Waves of Their Own photo 2
Creating Waves of Their Own photo 3

Babylon Junior-Senior High School students enrolled in Claire Reilly’s Virtual Enterprises class recently participated in the Long Island Regional Conference and Exhibition, held at Long Island University, CW Post Campus to engage in a series of mock-business exercises.

The Long Island Regional Conference and Exhibition brings together more than 2,000 students, educators and business leaders on an annual basis, as approximately 90 total student-firms attend and engage in friendly competition to represent the virtual economy. The attending students competed for their booth designs, salesmanship, impact marketing, amongst other areas. 

Babylon’s attending firm, Wave Works, received a gold medal for its website design and a silver medal for its company newsletter. In addition, the student sales people made close to 100 mock sales during the competition. According to Mrs. Reilly, the students were also required to submit a written business plan, as well as present an oral business plan before a team of judges.


Monday, March 18, 2019